About me!

Hi! I’m Jayden Cookson, but feel free to call me Jay. I’m an illustrator based in Liverpool, England.  

I’m really inspired by the everyday objects in life, as well as the ones unique to myself. I love ‘things’, of all shapes and sizes, because of the story they’re able to tell. What a person keeps, cherishes and surrounds themself with can tell us so much about who they are. That’s what I like to explore through my work. 

I enjoy creating detailed line art pieces with simple shading and minimal colour. 

Check out my Instagram (@jaydencooksonillustrates) for WIP pieces and a look into my sketchbook work. 

If you’d like to get in touch with any questions or queires please contact me at jaydencooksonillustrates@gmail.com or send me a message through my Instagram :) 

Fun fact: It is near impossible to find a single image of me without a mask on. I can promise I do have a nose and mouth.